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Communicating Your Impact in Grant Applications

Coming Early 2024!


Ever wonder what a funder means by Goals, Objectives, Outcomes, Outputs, and Impact? Aren’t they interchangeable? No! In this 90-minute training, Elevate’s experts will help you learn the importance of sound program design and theory of change to help you build program goals, objectives, and outcomes that will shine in your grant proposals!

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What Grantmakers Are Looking for in Your Financials

Coming Early 2024!

Did you know that when reviewing a request, many foundations look at an applicant’s financials first? Funders want to invest in sustainable and well-managed organizations, and they want to see realistic budgets that demonstrate thoughtful planning. In this 90-minute training, Elevate’s experts will discuss what funders are looking for in your organizational financials, how to prepare effective grant budgets, and how to communicate about costs in a way that adheres to funder guidelines.

Power Dynamics in Grant Writing

Coming Early 2024!

This webinar is ideal for all nonprofit professionals, as well as philanthropists and other funding professionals who want to learn how we can use our power as framers of language and community narratives to increase culturally relevant representation, and equitable partnerships among communities, the social sector, and philanthropy. In this 90-minute training, Elevate’s experts will lead you through how to identify and define empowering and culturally relevant language and approaches to fundraising.

How to Write Your First Grant

Coming Early 2024!

You’ve been tasked with writing your first grant proposal for your organization, and you have no idea where to start.What information goes in which section? Are you using enough data? How much money should you ask for?If you’re new to grant writing, the process can seem convoluted, overwhelming, and stressful. We know the feeling! At Elevate we’ve worked with hundreds of nonprofit organizations to win millions of dollars for their programs, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what constitutes a winning grant (and the mistakes to avoid).

In this FREE 90-minute webinar, we’ll walk you through basic do’s and don’ts to help you write your first grant with confidence. By the end of this webinar, you’ll understand:

  • The different types of grants you can apply for, and the pros and cons of each;

  • The anatomy of a grant proposal, and what information to include in each section;

  • How to tell a compelling story in your proposal that gets funders’ attention; and

  • The #1 thing most new grant writers forget to do before they submit a grant.

This free training is ideal for anyone new to fundraising and grant writing for nonprofits. It’s also helpful for grant writing professionals looking for a refresher, volunteer grant reviewers, anyone interested in exploring a career in grant writing, and those interested in learning a marketable fundraising skill.